HU ADVANCE-IT hosts 1st STEM Chairs Lunch

HU ADVANCE-IT knows the importance of engaging Howard’s Committee to ensure success.  One approach to this engagement is especially focusing on interaction between the HU ADVANCE-IT Leadership Team and the Chairs of each STEM Department on campus.  By STEM Departments, we mean those in the Natural Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences; all Engineering fields and Computer Science in the College of Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Science; and the Basic Sciences in the College of Medicine. This Fall, we [...]

Howard Women STEM Faculty Undergo Intensive Media Training

Howard University’s Office of University Communication (OUC) partnered with HU ADVANCE-IT to host multiple media training sessions for Women STEM Faculty.  Two training sessions have already occurred and more are being planned in the future. Besides using this training to advocate for Women STEM Faculty, OUC pulls from the list of trainees for its Speakers Bureau.  Media Training is required in order to participate in this speakers bureau and HU ADVANCE-IT helps Women STEM Faculty meet this requirement. Women STEM Faculty [...]

HU ADVANCE-IT Completes Media Week

One unique aspect of HU ADVANCE-IT is our Media Campaign.  It fits within the Advocacy theme (Education. Advocacy. Empowerment.) and is designed to raise awareness of the scholarly contributions of Women STEM Faculty. One special component integrated into our Media Campaign is the professional studio recording, in conjunction with Howard University’s TV Station – WHUT, of each Women Faculty’s STEM story and how she arrived on Howard’s campus.  We have not interviewed everyone yet, but have had participants from about [...]

HU ADVANCE-IT’s 2014-2015 MiniGrant Recipients Announced!

HU ADVANCE-IT has just awarded 11 Mini-Grants to Women Faculty in STEM at Howard University for the 2014-2015 school year! Dr. Anna K. Allen, Department Of Biology Characterization Of A Novel Role For Etr-1, An Rna-Binding Protein In Caenorhabditis Elegans, In Germline Development and/or Function Dr. Preethi Chandran, Department Of Chemical Engineering Interactions And Structure Of Self-Assembled Biomolecules Dr. Angela Cole, Department Of Psychology (Chairperson) Psychological Analysis Of HPV Vaccination Decisions  Dr. Yayin Fang, Department Of Biochemisty Molecular Drug Design For Chagas Disease Dr. Marjorie C. Gondré-Lewis, Department Of [...]

[PAST] HU ADVANCE-IT Announces 2nd Round of MiniGrants: Call for Proposals

What are Mini-Grants? HU ADVANCE-IT mini-grants are awarded to qualified individuals and/or teams of researchers in the Natural Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences, Engineering and Computer Science in the College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Science and the Basic Sciences in the College of Medicine. More specifically, these grants are designed for faculty advancement and development to further the professional advancement and collaboration potential of STEM women, especially women of color. Of particular interest, for example, is [...]

2014 Writing Retreat = Huge Success!

  Nineteen (19) women participated in this year’s writing retreat, with the goal of submitting their manuscripts for publication within 30 business days. Participants spent the weekend in continuous writing blocks, conferring with partners, and helping one another flesh out ideas, troubleshoot issues, and simply getting to know one another. The Writing Retreat was held at Osprey Point, Eastern Shore, which proved to be a perfect location for writing and reflection. We look forward to returning next year!

HU ADVANCE-IT selects 2014 Faculty Fellow: Dr. Kim Michelle Lewis

  Binding and Electrical Characterization of DU145 Prostate Tumor Cells on Silicon Carbide Collaborators: Dr. Tina Brower-Thomas, Howard University, College of Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Sciences, Washington, D.C. 20059 Dr. Paulette Furbert-Harris, Howard University, College of Medicine, Department of Microbiology and Howard University Cancer Center, Washington, D.C. 20059 Currently, there is a need to track the differentiation of biological systems to identify and target cell types that would enable researchers to study cancer cells, stem cells, and other biological systems. For example, the ability [...]

[PAST] 2014 Writing Retreat – Call for Applications

  We invite you to submit an application to attend the first HU ADVANCE-IT Writing Retreat. Open to HU Women in the STEM disciplines, the HU ADVANCE-IT Writing Retreat will allow you the opportunity to get away from interruptions and devote two days to writing and/or finalizing your papers and articles. At Osprey Point Inn, Restaurant and Marina, you’ll experience wonderful accommodations, great dining, and will be away from the burdens and distractions of everyday living. Located on the shores of [...]