Women in STEM Conference: South Africa


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The proposed Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Conference is grounded in a long history (more than 75 years) of partnerships in higher education and government between Howard University and many regions of Africa, including 15 years since the establishment of the Howard University Republic of South Africa Project (HURSAP). The conference will build upon the recommendations of the 2012 HBCU-HDI USA ANC Centenary Conference by bringing together leaders from academia, industry and government to collaborate on strategies to attract and retain women in STEM. Particular attention will be targeted on attracting, promoting, and retaining women of color in STEM from HBCUs in the US and from HDIs in South Africa. The conference will focus on exploring the following questions.

Conference Guiding Themes/Questions

  1. Career Path. What are the similarities in professional trajectory (e.g. recruitment, promotion) among women in STEM in South Africa and in the US? What kinds of institutions or STEM sub-disciplines are most likely to have a critical mass of women in STEM (US and South Africa)? What professions?
  2. Climate/Culture. What is the professional climate for women working in STEM disciplines in South Africa and the US? Are programs used in the US to improve culture/climate applicable to South Africa and vice versa?
  3. HBCU-HDI Context. Are there unique opportunities/challenges for women in STEM at HBCUs and HDIs? How can HBCU and HDI STEM Women faculty partner to encourage more South African women to purse STEM terminal degrees and faculty careers ?

The plenary session speakers, and breakout session on each full day of the conference will be devoted to addressing one of the guiding questions.  The final conference session will summarize the recommendations and solutions proposed by the conference participants.

Conference Participants

Conference participants will consist of STEM women professionals, faculty and researchers from HBCUs in the U.S. and HDIs in South Africa; government agency representatives and corporations from the U.S. and South Africa. HU ADVANCE-IT will support for U.S. participants.  A call for applications will be released soon.

Registration Deadline: October 6,2017

Online registration will be available at https://goo.gl/forms/Iz28E0UPB6WQgJ2i1

Questions?  Please contact sa-stemwomenconf@howard.edu.