HU ADVANCE-IT hosts 1st STEM Chairs Lunch

HU ADVANCE-IT hosts 1st STEM Chairs Lunch

HU ADVANCE-IT knows the importance of engaging Howard’s Committee to ensure success.  One approach to this engagement is especially focusing on interaction between the HU ADVANCE-IT Leadership Team and the Chairs of each STEM Department on campus.  By STEM Departments, we mean those in the Natural Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences; all Engineering fields and Computer Science in the College of Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Science; and the Basic Sciences in the College of Medicine.

This Fall, we enthusiastically hosted the Chairs from these departments in the first of a series of lunches entitled, ‘the Chairs Lunch.”

During this initial lunch meeting and discussion, Chairs from nine STEM departments met one another, shared a meal, and embarked on a discussion that will most likely continue.  STEM Chairs began asking each other hard questions that all centered on one theme:  “How do we increase the number of Women STEM Faculty at Howard University?


Overall, this lunch discussion included topics such as:

  • the reason for the formation and benefit of HU ADVANCE-IT along with Howard responsibility to help accomplish the anticipated transformation;
  • requirements and procedures for participating in our various initiatives (i.e. unconscious bias training);
  • the Women in STEM pipeline in general;
  • potential partnerships with corporation and other entities as a possible means to improve this pipeline at Howard;
  • specific experiences and challenges within each department around recruitment, hiring, retention, and promotion (i.e. How can recreate attractive startup packages? How can we become more competitive?); along with
  • recommendations to heighten HU ADVANCE-IT’s presence in each department.

It was an extremely fruitful discussion and we look forward to hosting the next Chairs Lunch in Spring 2015.

If you have any ideas about any of these topics or others, please feel free to post them in the comments below.



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