HU ADVANCE-IT’s 2014-2015 MiniGrant Recipients Announced!

HU ADVANCE-IT’s 2014-2015 MiniGrant Recipients Announced!

HU ADVANCE-IT has just awarded 11 Mini-Grants to Women Faculty in STEM at Howard University for the 2014-2015 school year!

Dr. Anna K. Allen, Department Of Biology
Characterization Of A Novel Role For Etr-1, An Rna-Binding Protein In Caenorhabditis
Elegans, In Germline Development and/or Function

Dr. Preethi Chandran, Department Of Chemical Engineering
Interactions And Structure Of Self-Assembled Biomolecules

Dr. Angela Cole, Department Of Psychology (Chairperson)

Psychological Analysis Of HPV Vaccination Decisions 

Dr. Yayin Fang, Department Of Biochemisty
Molecular Drug Design For Chagas Disease

Dr. Marjorie C. Gondré-Lewis, Department Of Anatomy And Neuroscience
Dr. Fatimah Jackson, Department Of Biology
Biomolecular And Osteological Evidence Of Neuropathology In African American Skeletal Remains

Dr. Kimberly Jones, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Selective Molecular Transport Through Graphene

Dr. Chunmei Liu, Department Of Systems And Computer Science

The Identification Of Isotope Distribution And Noise Peaks In Tandem Mass Spectra

Dr. Claudia Marin-Artieda. Department Of Civil And Environmental Engineering
Initial Investigations On The Functionally Of Communication-Computer Equipment Under Earthquakes

Dr. Lystranne Maynard, Department Of Chemistry
Protein NMR Studies

Dr. Louise Raphael, Department Of Mathematics
Introductory Year Seminar For Undergraduate/Graduate Students On Determining Genes For Cancer Classification

Dr. Sudha Sharma, Department Of Biochemistry And Molecular Biology
Investigation Of A Putative Regulator Of Metastasis In African American And Caucasian Breast Cancer

Good luck on your continuing research.
Let’s change the world!

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