[PAST] 2014 Writing Retreat – Call for Applications

[PAST] 2014 Writing Retreat – Call for Applications


We invite you to submit an application to attend the first HU ADVANCE-IT Writing Retreat. Open to HU Women in the STEM disciplines, the HU ADVANCE-IT Writing Retreat will allow you the opportunity to get away from interruptions and devote two days to writing and/or finalizing your papers and articles. At Osprey Point Inn, Restaurant and Marina, you’ll experience wonderful accommodations, great dining, and will be away from the burdens and distractions of everyday living.

Located on the shores of Swan Creek in Rock Hall, Maryland, a pleasant drive from Washington and Baltimore, this relaxed and friendly environment is conducive to renewing your fervor, promoting collaborations with HU colleagues, and most importantly providing much needed time to put the final touches on your paper and/or organize your results into a draft ready for publication.

Please find important details regarding the retreat below, with instructions attached.

HU ADVANCE-IT Writing Retreat Goals & Objectives:

The goal of the retreat is provide Howard University women faculty in STEM departments within the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Science, and College of Medicine (Basic Sciences only) with the opportunity to write for 2 full days.
During the retreat, participants’ writing goals should lead to completing a draft (either the 1st or a major revision) of a manuscript for submission for publication.

To accommodate participants’ schedules, the HU ADVANCE-IT Writing Retreat is staggered. You can participate from Thursday – Saturday (Writing Retreat Group #1) OR Friday – Sunday (Writing Retreat Group #2). You will be asked for your preferred group within the application.
Within 30 business days after the retreat (end of March), all applicants must notify HU ADVANCE-IT of the status of this objective by April 2014.

Osprey Point
6670 Cedar Cove Rd
Royal Oak, MD, 21662
~Ninety-mile (90) drive outside of Washington, DC

Writing Retreat Dates:
Writing Group #One: February 6-8, 2014 (Thursday – Saturday)
Writing Group #Two: February 7-9, 2014 (Friday – Sunday)

Deadline & Notification Dates:
Deadline: January 3, 2014, 11:59pm
*Applications are accepted anytime before this deadline. Therefore, submitting early is recommended.

Notification: January 13, 2014

Travel & Accommodations:
HU ADVANCE-IT will cover transportation costs, gas & toll expenses – if choose to drive, room accommodations, and meals.

Applicant Requirements:
Applications must be submitted electronically. Please follow these instructions.

To access and begin your application, please point your browser to: http://www.tinyurl.com/huadvanceitwritingretreatapp

  • Applicants must be full-time, tenure-track, female faculty in the STEM disciplines at Howard University.
  • No more than two (2) applicants per application submission.
  • All Retreat Writing Projects must be expanded into manuscripts to be submitted to peer-reviewed journals within 30 business days of the adjournment of the retreat.
  • Participants must participant in entire Writing Retreat, depending on which writing group you indicate.
  • HU ADVANCE-IT will NOT provide laptops or computers.
    PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT an opportunity for those attempting to write grant proposals or for those in the ideation phase of a research project.
  • Application submissions must be from the following categories. Please make note of the submission requirements for each category.
    1. Conference Presentation – Application requires: conference name, presentation abstract, and a copy of either the poster, powerpoint presentation, or speech.
      1. Conference Poster
      2. Conference Speech
    2. Data ready for analysis – Application requires an abstract and a description of data set, model, case study, clinical presentation, and/or experiment results Graphs of datasets, results from a model, etc. can be included.
    3. Manuscript Accepted, but with Revisions – Application requires: name of publication, abstract, and submission deadline date.
    4. Rejected Manuscript (that will be submitted to another journal) – Application requires: abstract and copy of rejection letter/email.
    5. Invited Manuscript from a Journal/Publisher
      1. Invited Review – Application requires: abstract and outline which defines the scope.
      2. Research Manuscript – Application requires: abstract and a description of the data ready for analysis.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Leshell Hatley, Program Manager, HU ADVANCE-IT, at 202.238.2448 orleshell.hatley@howard.edu.

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