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Our Uniqueness


HU ADVANCE-IT is unique in many ways. Howard University's size and rich legacy of research position HU ADVANCE-IT to focus on several facets of the faculty experience. These facets are addressed throughout our overall approach, which has also become our mantra - Education. Advocacy. Empowerment.

Our Media Campaign and our Women in STEM Archive Initiatives set us apart from many ADVANCE programs and are designed to support and promote Women STEM faculty at Howard. Our goal is to focus the world's attention on their timeline contributions, service, and scholarship to the Howard Community as well as their respective fields of study.

Our ultimate goal is for Howard University to sustained many of these unique initiatives for a better Howard!

Our Scholarship

HU ADVANCE-IT Scholarship

HU ADVANCE-IT Initiatives and Events begin and end with scholarship. The first step in designing our initiatives involves investigating current and relevant research. We combine the contents of the literature with the needs of women STEM faculty at Howard to create amazing experiences to educate, advocate for, and empower. Our internal and external evaluation process enables us to formulate the resulting occurrences into powerful models and examples for others to follow.

Women in STEM @ Howard University

Please watch the livestream from Howard University Research Day (April 4, 2014) of our Women in STEM @ Howard University Panel, sponsored and hosted by HU ADVANCE-IT.

Panelists Include (in order of presentations):

*Dr. Sonya Smith, Moderator, PI, HU ADVANCE-IT
Dr. Georgia M. Dunston, HU ADVANCE-IT 2014 Researcher of the Year
Veronica L, Nelson, Northrop Grumman Corporation
Dr. Cynthia Winston, Co-PI, HU ADVANCE-IT
Dr. Kelly Mack, Association of American Colleges and Universities
Dr. Claudia Rankin, The National Science Foundation (NSF)
Dr. Kimberly Jones, Howard University
Ms. Leshell Hatley, Uplift, Inc.

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